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Welcome to The IM Dojo, your home for quality training to start and grow your online business

Our founder is a 20-year veteran Internet marketer who set out to provide a place where business owners could learn what they need to succeed online, without all the gimmicks. 

If you're looking for solid, step-by-step training that is easy to understand and implement, you've come to the right place.

Get the training you need on hot topics like...

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Traffic is the lifeblood of an online business. We reveal the secrets of getting targeted, free and paid traffic from many sources, including 

social media
paid advertising
and many others


Email has the highest ROI of any marketing method, over 40:1. So we talk about

creating optin pages, lead magnets, and other tools to build your email list
growing your email list from scratch 
writing powerful emails to educate, entertain, and monetize your audience 
email marketing with Aweber


Content is king, they say. Discover how to  

create and grow a successful blog
build a following on social media to promote your business
grow your audience via interviews, online summits, podcasting, and more


It's not sexy, but it's important. So we dive into choosing a niche, creating your unique sales proposition, crafting offers, creating funnels, running surveys, branding, and copywriting. We also cover many different online business models.

business basics


E-commerce is the act of selling physical products online and one of the most popular Internet-based business models. We'll show you how it works.


Your online business needs software to run. So we show you how to use popular software for creating websites and funnels, e-commerce, publishing,, working with audio and video, artificial intelligence, and more.



Marketing and technical skills are great, but to really be successful, you need to develop your inner game. So we cover topics like mindset, confidence, self-esteem, goal setting, eliminating bad habits, time management, public speaking, ending procrastination, and more.

Is This For You?

If any of these apply to you, you're in the right place...

You want to start an online business but aren't sure how.
You have an online business and feel it could be doing a lot better.
Your online business is doing fine, and there are some new skills you'd like to learn to take it to the next level.
You have an offline (brick and mortar) business and want to use the Internet to get more customers.

Designed to Help You Learn...

As someone who's seen lots of online training, I'm kind of picky, so I built The IM Dojo Club with the best features, like

Video-based courses (with closed captions you can turn on or off)
Bite-sized videos - it's no fun navigating videos that are an hour long or more. Most of ours are under 10 minutes. They're easier to digest. The courses are easier to navigate and refer back to
Videos that play on almost any device (PC, Mac, tablets, iPhone, Android, etc.) with no app to download. If it can run a browser, you can watch a course on it
Carefully chosen audio programs
A system that remembers where you left off, even across devices. Start a course on your home PC, then return to it on your iPad on the road. The system will remember which lessons you've completed, so you don't have to. And it does this for every single course you're taking.
A private, exclusive community
A searchable Resource Library filled with downloadable checklists, templates, cheatsheets, and other tools to enhance your experience
A neatly-organized student dashboard that makes it fast and easy to find the courses you want, sorted by category. There's a lightning-fast search, a video tour, plus a notification center that shows you what's new. Your dashboard even shows which courses you've started and how far you've progressed through them. You're gonna love it!
Learn at your own pace. You're an adult with your own schedule, so there are no calls or live presentations you have to attend. No time-released modules you have to wait to be unlocked for you. Everything you need is in your account right now when you're ready for it.
Courses from multiple instructors. No one person or course can teach you everything. (I learned way back in school the value of learning from more than one teacher.)

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