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How to Make Your First $1 Online
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One of the best and easiest ways to start making money online is by being an affiliate blogger. You simply get paid for recommending other people's products on your blog. Sometimes you can even get paid when people DON'T buy anything.

You DON'T have to create or ship products or do customer support.
You DON'T need expensive software. (You can use free software that comes with most hosting plans.)
You DON'T have to hire web designers, programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, or other pros.
You DON'T need fancy equipment. A basic laptop or desktop computer is fine.
You can have fun doing this. You can blog about topics you love and recommend products you like.

We put together this free video course to get you on the path to being a successful affiliate blogger. You can go through it in under an hour and get started right away.

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