5 Common Unique Sales Proposition Mistakes to Avoid

unique sales proposition

It takes a great deal of work and thought to create a winning unique sales proposition (USP). Your USP, also sometimes known by your unique selling proposition, unique value proposition, or various other names, is the big reason WHY people would want to do business with you.

Along the way, it’s easy to make one of these common mistakes.

Too Wordy

Your USP is for your customers to understand at a glance, so it should be quick and easy to read. Don’t use vague wording, and avoid technical terms or big words a casual reader wouldn’t understand.

A Unique Sales Proposition That’s Out of Focus

If your USP’s focus is too narrow or too broad, this can be a problem. A USP that is too broad means you’re casting your net too wide, and your offer won’t appeal to anyone. If the message is too narrow, it will alienate or shut people out. Make it specific but not so narrow that your market is reduced to 10 people.

Your USP Is Not Unique

The U in USP stands for ‘unique’ and that’s what your proposition needs to be. It needs to be different from what your competition is offering. Check out your competition to see what they offer so that you can figure out how you can use your strengths to set yourself apart.

The Wrong Message

The message of your USP needs to resonate with your market. Otherwise, you’ll drive them off. It needs to appeal to your market’s desires and feelings. In order to do this, make an effort to understand your market. Know your customers and how they feel about the companies they patronize. How will they perceive your product after reading the USP?

Set It and Forget It

Finally, a unique sales proposition will change over time. You may be able to use the same one for years, but trends and market conditions change. Keep listening to your customers and make changes to your USP whenever their problems, desires, emotions or passions shift.

Learn More

We have a complete course that will walk you through the process of creating a USP. Check out Creating Your Unique Sales Proposition.

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