The Best Kinds of Content for Facebook Live

Facebook Live

When creating content for Facebook Live – or any type of live video for that matter – you will quickly learn that some types work better than others. Some content is simply more engaging in a live format and works better that way. Other types just aren’t suited to this type of video.

For example, you probably wouldn’t create an ad on Facebook Live. This wouldn’t really benefit from the platform at all. You wouldn’t be able to edit or format your video in the way you would expect to for an ad.

So that’s an example of what doesn’t work. Now for what does work.


A top ten list is an ideal format for a live video for a number of reasons. For one, it gives you a structure that you can keep coming back to while still letting you speak relatively freely. It provides enough structure that someone joining you halfway through will know what the video is about and be able to catch up, especially if you use a whiteboard as a prop with your list.


This could be an interview with you or with another person. It’s a great format for an engaging piece of content and you’ll be able to get more questions from your audience. This is a great way to take advantage of the live format.

If the interview is with you, then you can call it an ‘AMA’ – Ask Me Anything.


Seminars are very popular among Internet marketers and work very well as part of a sales funnel. By taking this well-known format and putting it in a live video setting, you can actually make it into something much more exciting and unique for your visitors.

This will give your viewers the opportunity to interact with you and ask questions – significantly increasing the value of the seminar. And if you want an even more interactive format, consider looking into Blab as well.


Reviews are a great way to sell a product and the live format will only add to this. That’s because a live review once again means you can answer questions and show off features you might otherwise have missed. Plus, this is the closest you can come to selling something to your audience face-to-face.

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