top secret mindset

What’s the Secret to Earning 6 Figures a Year Online?

There are so many books, systems, and products out there that promise to tell you the “secret” of earning 6 figures a year. They sell promise after promise and gimmick after gimmick. You may have bought some of these products – I know I have. It makes me shudder to think of the money I’ve wasted on some of these tricks and gimmicks. You may not realize that most of the systems you’ve bought into actually would have worked — if you’d had the right mindset.

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3 steps to creating new habits

3 Steps to Creating New Habits

Let’s talk about forming new habits. We all have times in our lives where we intentionally want to change our behavior for the better and create new habits for ourselves.

This could be getting in the habit of eating healthier and drinking more water. Or it could be moving more and taking the dog for a daily walk. Or it could be work related, or spiritual, or… There are so many areas in our lives that could be improved and made easier if we created new habits.

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