How to Create Affiliate Links That Convert

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Is your affiliate marketing barely chugging along while the competition seems to be doing great? Why is that? Why aren’t you making an excellent steady income stream from your affiliate links? Let’s answer that question. These four tips will make sure that you enjoy a steady income stream too.

Provide Huge Value Around Your Affiliate Links

If you want to make a steady income stream, you need to offer huge value to your visitors. Everywhere a person goes online there is someone who’s trying to sell them something. As a result people have gotten pretty good at ignoring ads.

That means you not only need to promote products for sale, you need to provide your visitors with value so that they feel compelled to buy through your affiliate links.

Earn Your Visitors’ Trust

If you want to sell anything to your visitors, you need to build trust with them. For those that might be interested in buying online there’s a great deal of skepticism, which makes it much harder to sell.

When you take the time to establish trust, you end up building a following that is much more likely to make a purchase. Because of this you have the opportunity to build a solid base of people who keep coming back to see what you have to say and what you have to offer.

What do the visitors to your website need? What are they looking for when they arrive at your site? You need to know this if you plan to have a successful affiliate promotion that makes you a steady income stream. You need to know what your followers are looking for.

Promote Your Affiliate Links to Your Email List

The process begins with targeted traffic making it to your website, and then you offer them something like a lead magnet, so that they sign up for your email list.

After that you can bring people back to your site or to affiliate offers through email. However, this will only apply if you know your followers’ needs. For example, if you are selling an ebook on how to get a college scholarship, but your followers are looking at ways to retire, you aren’t likely going to make many sales. Your followers and your affiliate offer need to match up.

Set the Example for Your Visitors

If you lead by example and show your visitors how the product you are offering works for you, you build trust and believability. That’s a huge part of getting your visitors to click your affiliate links and buy the product you have to offer.

Follow these tips, get your affiliate links out there, and watch your results explode.

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