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Are you an author who enjoys writing for pay or for personal enjoyment? If so, you should turn to Many new writers don’t realize they can self-publish Amazon ebooks for their popular ebook reading device, the Kindle.

Options for Creating Amazon Ebooks

When writing a book to sell on the Amazon Kindle Store, you have two options. You can create an ebook from scratch or use one you already wrote and retain the rights to. To increase earnings, do both. Profit from your old how-to books gathering dust on your computer and achieve your dream of always writing a romance novel.

The first step in profiting from Amazon ebooks is to write yours. You can review the Amazon Kindle Store on This enables you to scout the competition. There are hundreds of thousands of Kindle Books available for sale. Choose a how-to topic that is interesting to you, but unique on the website. For creative novels, just write from the heart. This automatically results in a unique novel with a captivating storyline.

Preparing Your Ebook for Publishing

After composing the ebook, proofread and edit. In fact, do it many times. Even the best writers make mistakes. Books for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store are subject to reviews. A good book with little to no errors should result in positive reviews. These are important to your success. A poorly reviewed ebook will limit sales. After all, no one wants to buy a bad book.

Preparing an ebook for sale with the Kindle self-publishing option is broken into three easy steps. Step one is to describe the book. Complete all fields. Write the title of your book, your name as the author, and a compelling description. If selling a how-to guide, highlight a few steps or topics covered. If selling a creative work of fiction, summarize your storyline and introduce the main characters.

It’s easier if you write the description and title before logging into amazon to publish the book. Then you can simply copy and paste that info onto the page.

Publishing Your Amazon Ebooks

Once your book is ready for self-publishing, you visit the Amazon website, at From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the Self-Publish with Us link and choose the Amazon Kindle. You will arrive at the digital text platform; log into your account. At the dashboard, click to view your shelf and add a new item.

Once product details are complete, move onto the next step. Step two is uploading and previewing your documents. To be compatible with the Amazon Kindle, all books must be in digital text format. Browse to find the text, word, HTML, or PDF document on your computer. During the upload process, these files convert into digital text. The latter part of step two is to preview your digital text file. Be on the lookout for formatting issues and fix any errors.

Once your files are properly upload and converted, move onto the next step. Step three is setting the selling price. If you haven’t already browsed the Amazon Kindle Book Store, open a new internet window and do so now. There are thousands of books available for sale. Yours will be one of many. A good cover and detailed product description will set your ebook apart from the rest, but so will a good selling price. Do not undersell yourself, but don’t charge too much. First time authors, typically charge less than $10. How-to books are usually shorter in length; therefore, they should cost less.

Once the selling price is set, click on the Publish link. Your ebook is ready to go and properly formatted for the Amazon Kindle. Within 24 hours or so, your book will be listed for sale on

Marketing Your Ebook

The final step is marketing your ebook to let people know about it. Sure, some people will find it on their own on amazon, but if you don’t do anything beyond publishing the Kindle book, you probably won’t make many sales.

We will talk about promoting your book in another post.

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