“Once Upon a Time…”


Since the dawn of history, humans have used storytelling to communicate. People tell stories to entertain, inform, and pass down morals and values from one generation to the next.

Many cultures have used storytelling to preserve their history and heritage, even long before the written word was invented.

If you’ve ever gone camping, I’ll bet you sat around the fire and told stories, just like people did in ancient times.

When you were a little kid, I’ll bet your parents told you stories, and if you have kids of your own, I’m sure you’ve done the same.

Research shows that stories are 22 times more memorable than facts or data alone- and certainly way more engaging.

Humans Are Made for Sharing Stories

That’s because the human brain is biologically wired for stories. A good story taps into something very primal and emotional, which is why properly-told stories are so powerful.

Look at our national pastime: TV. Of course dramas and comedies are based on stories, but so are other programs, even news, sports, and reality shows. The producers always try to weave in as many stories as possible, because that’s what grabs the audience and keeps them coming back.

Even the 30 and 60-second commercials are usually story-driven.

Given our hardwired craving for stories, doesn’t it make sense to use stories in your marketing?

Using Storytelling in Your Business

Stories are great for branding and building an emotional connection with your market.

Good stories make you and your brand more likable.

Stories give you and your products more credibility, more visibility, and more trust in the marketplace.

This is even more true online, in today’s social media driven world.

That’s why we’ve created a video course to teach you how to incorporate the power of storytelling into your marketing.

In this course you will learn

  • Timeless storytelling formats that almost all stories are based on, with lots of examples
  • Types of stories to tell your customers and prospects, and the right time and place for each
  • How to figure out which story is most effective for your audience
  • The key elements that make a story effective, regardless of the type of story or format
  • How to create a study that engages your customers. (This is critical! If your story bores people, that defeats the whole purpose of it)
  • How to tell stories in various types of media
  • The best tools to create your stories and where to get them
  • How and where to distribute your story for maximum effectiveness
  • Plus lots more

That’s a lot of material, but it won’t take you a long time to go through the course. It’s divided into a series of short videos, with action steps for each. The entire course runs about an hour, so you can focus on developing and sharing your stories.

You also get a downloadable PDF workbook and storytelling checklist that will help guide you to creating great stories for your market.

Regardless of what you sell or what industry or profession you are in, this course will help you become a master storyteller to better market your brand, products, or services.

Read more about it here…

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