West Texas Investors Club: Is It Worth Watching?

West Texas Investors Club

West Texas Investors Club is a cable TV show that started in 2015. Since it’s on CNBC rather than one of the big broadcast networks, you might not have heard of it. That is partly why I’m writing this post.

If you like the hit ABC show Shark Tank, you will probably enjoy West Texas Investors Club. Both shows feature small business owners pitching their ideas to wealthy investors. They’re hoping to sell a piece of their companies in exchange for cash, connections, and mentorship.

Stark Tank has a rotating group of investors, five of which are on each episode, bidding against each other to make deals. Sometimes two or more of them come together to put something together.

On West Texas, there are just two investors, Mike “Rooster” McConaughey and Wayne “Butch” Gilliam. Rather than bidding against each other, they are partners who almost always make a deal together or decline the offer. However, it’s possible one of them could choose to invest on his own.

McConaughey is the older brother of actor Matthew McConaughey, although I don’t recall that ever being mentioned on the show. He and Gilliam made their fortunes in oil and oil-related industries.

The Third Star

The third star of West Texas Investors Club is Gil Prather, who reminds me of the crusty old prospector character from the Toy Story movies. He does not get involved in the negotiations. His role is friend and advisor to Rooster and Butch. What he does for a living or whether he is also a successful businessman is so far a mystery. He is often seen driving the guests from the airport to the set.

The negotiations take place in a building called the clubhouse, which looks like the ultimate man cave. It’s not clear whether the clubhouse is where the guys hang out in real life or it’s just a set for the show; it certainly looks like it could be a real place.

Another major difference between West Texas and Shark Tank is that all of Shark Tank takes place in the studio, while the men on West Texas often go out in the field to test the ideas. For example, one guest owned a beer company, so they went to a local bar to see how his brand of beer sold compared to national brands.

This in-field component of the show means they spend more time with each guest, meaning fewer people per episode than Shark Tank. So far each hour-long episode has only had two segments, compared to five or six shorter ones on the Tank.

Is West Texas Investors Club Worth Watching?

So is West Texas Investors Club worth your time? If you like entrepreneurs, inventors, creative ideas, and the like, you will probably enjoy the show. If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, there’s a really good chance you will like this one, too.

After two seasons on CNBC, the trio got a new show on A&E called Rooster and Butch, which is pretty much the same series with a different title.

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