How To Build And Profit From Your Own Lists

Finally, Someone Shows You Exactly How To Build Your Own List, And Make Money From It Time And Time Again!

Now you can learn to build and PROFIT from your own lists using the same strategies as Mark Hendricks, the Grandmaster of List Building...

How To Build And Profit From Your Own Lists:
The Complete 3-Day Workshop

Here's your chance to get all of these proven strategies that build your lists fast and shows you the secrets of making profits from your lists time and time again

Here's what Mark himself had to say about this program...

I've been building and profiting from lists of prospects, subscribers and customers for over 30 years... and doing it successfully online since 1994.

I've noticed a HUGE surge in interest in List Building courses since I made a research survey available to the public. I did the survey to spot what people are wanting to know more of from me in helping them build their business.

Based on those results, I held a private 3-day "roll up your sleeves and get busy" workshop for a few select people and taught them all they need to know to build and profit from their own lists - and become a Master of List Building too.

Fortunately, I had it recorded - and now for the first time, I've packaged up all of these same time-tested and proven secrets, strategies and techniques that I taught them, and I'm now making them available to you too!

Here's what a few attendees said about the event:

I've bought list building books and courses before, but I've always felt that the gurus were keeping their real secrets back, and just throwing us a few tasty crumbs.Not so with this!

This course tells it all - and I mean ALL!

There's just so much incredible detail that goes way beyond just list-building, every time I work my way through it, I'm scribbling down new ideas and discovering new nuggets of vital information.

And the value for money is incredible. I mean we don't just get the course, which is worth every cent ten times over, we get access to monthly teleclasses on list-building. I mean, how fresh do you want your info to be?

In my opinion, this course is the Holy Grail of list-building, straight from a world class marketer, and I know for a fact that Mark practices what he preaches.

I just don't think you could get a better course on building your list and marketing to them through email promotions than this one.

Thanks Mark, for revealing all and then some!

-- Christopher Byrnes

"What could you possibly say that I've not heard already?"

I'm a skeptic... I can't help it.

I've always been that way.

But I'm also a customer and a fan.

As a very satisfied 'Internet Success System' member, I was absolutely sure that your "How To Build And PROFIT From Your Own Lists" program was not for me. After all, I'd listen to more than 130 hours of audio from the ISS seminars, the monthly teleconferences, the free weekend recordings, and much, much more great teaching you provide.

What could you possibly say that I've not heard already?

That was the skeptic talking, but then I remembered how much value I've received from that 130 hours of audio of the ISS program.

So I jumped into the listbuilding program.

And am I glad I did!

I thought I knew all the ways to drive traffic to my sites, but when you outlined the "17 ways to drive traffic" in the first morning's session, I had to go back to the drawing board. There were so many sources of traffic I missed.

And then I flipped the page in the PDF manual to see the "plumbing" diagrams.

That was gold.

Like most folks, I had struggled with the "What happens next?" questions to the point of paralysis. But your diagrams reminded me of the old and very simple children's song -- "The foot bone connects to the ankle bone, the ankle bone connects to the shin bone, the shin bone connects to the..."

Those 7 clearly outlined diagrams on pages 6 and 7 are so easy that any novice can follow. A million thank you's for that!

And finally, I loved hearing the questions from the actual attendees. They expressed many of my concerns and questions even though it was a month or two later and I was listening in my car.

Thanks again for a terrific addition to my continuing education.

-- David Perdew
founder of NAMS

"His methods are time-tested and not based on the latest tricks or gimmicks"...

I was lucky enough to attend Mark Hendricks' Listbuilding Workshop, which his new home study course is based on.

Students who had never before had a list were actually getting subscribers before the event was over, just doing what Mark told them.

Those of us with more experience got a lot out of it, too.

The hardest thing was probably for Mark to cram so many years of experience and knowledge into a few days of teaching. His methods are time-tested and not based on the latest tricks or gimmicks that might soon stop working.

Building a list is great, but it's also important to learn how to manage and profit from your lists. Mark goes into great detail on that, too, unlike some other products I've seen.

I'd recommend the course to anyone interested in this important topic (which should be just about anyone doing business online).

-- Chris Lockwood

"Already the opt-ins on one of our websites has just about doubled"

Just wanted to write and let you know how valuable I am finding your "How to Build and Profit From Your Own Lists".

I think that the # 1 question of everyone trying to starting a web based business is "How do I develop a list?" Your course answers that question in a logical and straightforward way. You have provided audio sessions, transcripts, and screen shots to illustrate and make it easier to follow the dialogue.

I am certainly not through the course yet, but I have done enough to see that this is the answer to my biggest obstacle. Already can see the road to follow, and I have more confidence that it will lead to a success. You can be sure that I will use the material in this course again and again. The audio material is on my IPOD and this means that I can review the material wherever I am.

After some 35 years in senior administrative positions, I have learning that the most important ingredient in any relationship is "Trust". This is something that has to be earned. It cannot be commanded. You demonstrate this in everything you do. I particularly appreciate your quiet common sense approach that engenders confidence. It is a refreshing change from the "hoot and holler" of the many campaigns that proliferate our in-boxes.

Thank you for all your help.

-- Bill Blake

In this comprehensive and massive package you'll discover:

You get:

"It has really made the difference"...

The relationship factor which you emphasize extensively in your course is the "one thing" that certainly helped get me where I am today in email marketing and list building.

It has really made the difference.

If more people would just do this one thing, especially the way you drilled it into my head, there would be more profitable list builders out there and less quitters because building relationships is the one area you must understand before you can become successful online.

-- Michael Nicholas

"I now have a live, cash generating list campaign that makes money 24/7!"

I bought How to Build and Profit from Your Own Lists at a time when I was working hard to make some real money online, but just couldn't put the pieces together. I decided to stop randomly trying different things, and spend a little time learning. I listened to the mp3 files on my IPOD while driving to and from my boring day job. Everything started to become crystal clear! Very informative information, simply explained.

Then, I just followed your advice, step by step.

Thanks Mark.

-- Ken Soszka

So what's your investment?

Value of having your own lists to profit from over and over again: PRICELESS

If I put all this on CDs, printed the manuals, and shipped it to you in a big box, I would charge $699 - but I've decided to save you a lot of money and deliver it all instantly via this website.

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So for this complete A-to-Z approach to building your own wildly profitable lists, it's only...

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How To Build And Profit From Your Own Lists: The Complete
3-Day Workshop


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How to Build and Profit From Your Own Lists
Mark Hendricks

Mark Hendricks was an amazing marketer, teacher, coach, speaker, writer, mentor, and personal friend. Mark's work impacted many people and their businesses in a positive way, including mine. Sadly, Mark passed away after a long illness.

Fortunately we've been able to acquire the rights to much of his work from Mark's estate. We are excited to be able to bring his training to you and help keep Mark's memory and legacy going. Most of his teaching is timeless, even sessions he taught 10 or more years ago. Knowing Mark, I'm sure that was by design.

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