Join Us for a Life-Changing Journey to Master
the Greatest Success Secrets of All Time

Then we'll implement each one of them to create a life for you and
your family that most people can only dream about.

Over 30 years ago, Mark Hendricks began his journey to discover the secrets of successful people, and how he could model them and become successful too.

The lessons he learned had a tremendous effect on his life and his outcomes. It was a quest that literally changed his life. And over the next couple of decades, Mark created a proven successful program on the lessons that he learned along the way.

And the great news is, it's ready and available for you now too.

So we'd like to invite you to join us for a life-changing journey, and your mastermind with lots of other positive and success-minded people around the world.

You will master the greatest success secrets of all time, and implement each one of them to create a life for yourself and your family that most people only dream about.

We've packaged these secrets up into what we call The Ultimate Success Program

Each of the bulleted items you see below represent a complete lesson that includes an audio recording, a PDF worksheet for the lesson, an interactive discussion forum, plus success projects for you to do to solidify the concepts into your everyday life.

Each lesson builds on the previous one to quickly change your mindset as you progress step-by-step from where you are now to where you really want to be.

The recordings average about 30 minutes each, so you can get through them quickly.

live anywhere

Here's a note Mark received from a fellow who was progressing through The Ultimate Success Program. We thought you would want to read his comments.

I purchased your Ultimate Success Program and I'm about to start lesson #9.

I realized straight away that this is a product that you launched a few years ago so it can't be interactive. I already only get 6 hours sleep a night because of the travel to and from my job and the job itself. 11, sometimes 12 hours a day from leaving to go each morning to arriving back home each evening.

I've taken a few personal development courses, including Tony Robbins and a couple of others through their books and CD's, etc. - and although I got a lot out of them (and they all got me through some rough weather in my life), so far Mark... YOU ARE THE GUY.

The feedback you get from the participants on the mp3s and the transformations and/or the realizations you hear in the commentary are just so amazing to listen through. In fact your interaction with your live audience is probably why it is a course that keeps you listening.

I'm really enjoying the journey, so thank you for the opportunity to listen to the motivational lessons to another "round" of listeners.

Stephen Wharton

Here are the titles of each of the success lessons you get from this one-of-a-kind program. Each of these lessons contains the full audio, the PDF worksheet, access to the discussions, plus success projects to complete and more...

I highly recommend the Ultimate Success Program to anyone who is ready to stop wishing and start making things happen in their life. Mark has done such a good job of organizing and timing each lesson perfectly so that you get the most out of the program. Each lesson prepares you for the next and it all works together brilliantly. I also feel that anyone with the ability to influence young people needs to take this course - parents, school teachers, etc. Children need to learn these lessons and sadly, many are not exposed to some or all of them the way they should be. The program helps form a solid foundation for being a successful adult in any area you choose. For adults who follow the program, it fills in the important gaps that are holding you back.

Cheryl Beebe

I can't recall another person in my life who had the ability to listen to my personal work situation, regarding the type of business I own, the products I sell, and the market climate in my town and then be able to provide concrete ideas and tools to increase my customer base. This type of insight is a God-given talent that Mark has developed more extensively over his many years of helping others. He has experience in all types of businesses whether brick & mortar, online, and even if someone just wanted to better their home situation. A very kind man, who is very motivated to get results and instills that in all who know him.

Rebecca Wilcox

Mark is one of the few people I know who walks his talk. With an amazing level of passion for his clients coupled with a desire to give them the best information available, Mark is a leader who stands out far and above most everybody else in the industry. He is eager to share his knowledge and he takes great pride in helping his clients achieve new levels of success. I highly recommend Mark and his training programs.

Robert Imbriale
Ultimate Wealth, Inc.

Participation is limited and only available to positive and motivated people who truly want to create for themselves a successful and fulfilling life.

(By the way, the USP lessons apply to all parts of your life, including your business or career. This is NOT a business course. It's a life improvement course.)

Each of the 50 lessons consists of an mp3 audio, a PDF worksheet, and a success project for you to do that reinforces the success principles into your everyday life for lifetime results. (Yes, this is a BIG course. Mark originally taught it as weekly lessons over a full year. You'll get access to everything as soon as you sign up, so you can go at your own pace. Each lesson is bite-sized, about 20 minutes, so you won't get overwhelmed.)

And you'll have full access to the USP Members-Only Discussion Forum to post and discuss your thoughts along the way.

You'll have ongoing access to the entire Ultimate Success Program so you can go through it again in the future, as many of us do on a regular basis.

Mark's regular price was $497. Your investment today is $299.
Enroll now before the price goes back up.

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pdf worksheets and supplements


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Mark Hendricks

Mark Hendricks was an amazing marketer, teacher, coach, speaker, writer, mentor, and personal friend. Mark's work impacted many people and their businesses in a positive way, including mine. Sadly, Mark passed away after a long illness.

Fortunately we've been able to acquire the rights to much of his work from Mark's estate. We are excited to be able to bring his training to you and help keep Mark's memory and legacy going. Most of his teaching is timeless, even sessions he taught 10 or more years ago. Knowing Mark, I'm sure that was by design.

Mark is one of the few marketing specialists that I truly respect and listen to. Not only have I attended his live conferences, but I have purchased many of his products in the online marketing arena. I have also been a member of his monthly business and marketing program.

His expertise is based on real-world experience - Mark has been a business owner, marketing expert, business coach, and information product developer for a long, long time. His comprehensive background shows in his involvement with his clients and customers.

Bottom line: Mark gets 5 stars and two thumbs up from me!

Tom Armstrong

Remarkable is an understatement. I came upon Mark Hendricks by chance and was given a unique opportunity to become a student of his. His knowledge is unsurpassed not only in the field of business but in other areas as well. Since he is a humble man you will not find a lot of people singing his praises on the internet because that is not who he is. I can best describe him as a method teacher from a time period long ago when people took on an unpaid apprenticeship just to learn from a master and the master took on the student with the understanding that the student is the one who is responsible for themselves and the master can only assist the student in finding out what he or she needs to know. I have worked with Mark for a while now and appreciate his style and the level of knowledge he possesses and can whole heartily say if you just try him for yourself I am certain he will be a good fit for you.

Mitch Brice

Mark is one of the sharpest marketing minds on the planet. When I started out in this business in 1996, one of the first ebooks I ever read was How to Make Your Ads Sell Like Crazy by Mark Hendricks. This book changed my life and how I did Direct Marketing. It influenced our business growth dramatically.

Little did I know that 5 short years later, Mark and I would be doing joint ventures, we would speak at each others seminars and I would count him as a close friend and business confidante. If you are looking for someone who has forgotten more about online marketing than you will ever know (but still know a LOT more than most people on the planet) look no further than Mark Hendricks. He is a mentor, a genius, a masterful JV broker and strategist, highly skilled copywriter and all around genuinely good person.

I can offer no higher recommendation.

Marc Goldman

Goldbar Enterprises

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How is the course delivered? What's the format?

This course is audio-based with PDF supplements.

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This course is a one-time investment unless you choose the 3 payment option.

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