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How to Use Email Marketing
to Sell More Courses

One of the best and easiest ways to sell your online courses is by with email marketing. Maybe you've heard that email has the highest return on investment of any marketing method.

"The money is in the list", as they say.

In 2022, I was invited to speak at the Transformational Online Learning Summit about using email to sell your courses.

Until now, the only people who saw that presentation were attendees of the summit.

I've taken my presentation and edited it into a mini course that I'd like to give you just for joining my Facebook group.

This is NOT "how to create a course" or "how to write emails" - this is about selling more of your courses with email.

Here's some of what's in it.

The 2 types of email lists you should have to sell courses
How to segment your lists for maximum effect
The perfect lead magnet to sell your course (not a free report!), with a real example
How to avoid promoting a course to someone who already bought it
How to give yourself another chance to sell your course to someone who checked it out without buying- even if your course platform doesn't support the abandoned cart feature

I put together this free video course to help you sell more courses. You can go through it fast and get started right away. And these tips also work with selling other products.

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Chris Lockwood

Sell More Courses
With Email Marketing



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How to Sell More Courses With Email Marketing

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