The IM Dojo Club

Get Access to a Growing Library of $4079 Worth of Our Best Courses,
Plus a Community, Resource Library, Listening Lounge,
Interviews With Experts, Discounts, and Other Perks- For Just $19

There's a lot you need to know to start and run a successful business online. That's what The IM Dojo Club is here for.

Where Was This When I Was Getting Started?

I remember starting my online business way back in 2002. I spent a lot of time reading forums, trying to figure everything out. I didn't personally know anyone else in business. I really needed some direction.

That ultimately led me to create The IM Dojo. I wanted to provide a place where business owners like you could get the training they need to succeed online. No gimmicks, no BS.

Looking for solid, step-by-step training that's easy to understand and apply? You've come to the right place!

Is This For You?

If any of these apply to you, you're in the right place...

You want to start an online business but aren't sure how.
You have an online business and feel it could be doing a lot better.
Your online business is doing fine, and there are some new skills you'd like to have to take it to the next level.
You have an offline (brick and mortar) business and want to use the Internet to get more customers.

What Your Online Business Needs to Thrive

If you're serious, our best offer for you is The IM Dojo Club. It's our membership that includes almost all our courses, with more added often.

The Features You Want (Even If You Don't Know That Yet)

As someone who's seen lots of online training, I'm kind of picky, so I built The IM Dojo Club with the best features, like

Video-based courses (with closed captions you can turn on or off)
Bite-sized videos - it's no fun navigating videos that are an hour long or more. Most of ours are under 10 minutes. They're easier to digest. The courses are easier to navigate and refer back to
Videos that play on almost any device (PC, Mac, tablets, iPhone, Android, etc.) with no app to download. If it can run a browser, you can watch a course on it
Carefully chosen audio programs
A system that remembers where you left off, even across devices. Start a course on your home PC, then return to it on your iPad on the road. The system will remember which lessons you've completed, so you don't have to. And it does this for every single course you're taking.
A private, exclusive community (see below)
A searchable Resource Library filled with downloadable checklists, templates, cheatsheets, and other tools to enhance your experience (see list below)
Easter eggs and other fun stuff to keep you engaged
On-lesson discussions so you can post questions or comments and interact with other students on specific lessons
A neatly-organized student dashboard that makes it fast and easy to find the courses you want, sorted by category. There's a lightning-fast search, a video tour, plus a notification center that shows you what's new. Your dashboard even shows which courses you've started and how far you've progressed through them. You're gonna love it!
Learn at your own pace. You're an adult with your own schedule, so there are no calls or live presentations you have to attend. No time-released modules you have to wait to be unlocked for you. Everything you need is in your members area right now when you're ready for it.
Courses from multiple instructors. No one person or course can teach you everything. (I learned way back in school the value of learning from more than one teacher.)
Control of your account. You can update your billing details or cancel your membership yourself at any time, right from your members area. No hoops to jump through. No need to email or call anyone.
A full-access trial. No samples, no locked courses, no waiting til month 2 or 3 to get to the good stuff. The trial includes everything- the only difference is the steep discount.

Here's a sneak peek of your student dashboard...

student dashboard

Here's the training waiting for you right now in The IM Dojo Club
(Total Everyday Pricing $4079)...

Training Center

Traffic Courses You Get

Facebook Traffic Mastery

Facebook Traffic Mastery - $99 INCLUDED

How to Get Free, Targeted Traffic From Facebook 

Instagram Traffic Mastery

Instagram Traffic Mastery - $99 INCLUDED

Build Your Audience With Free Traffic Directly From Instagram 

Click Here to See More Traffic Courses

Pinterest Traffic Mastery

Pinterest Traffic Mastery - $99 INCLUDED

Tap Into The Power of Pinterest to Get Free Traffic to Your Websites

YouTube Traffic Mastery

YouTube Traffic Mastery - $99 INCLUDED

Sell More Products. Get More Subscribers. Get All the Traffic You Need Using YouTube

LinkedIn Traffic Mastery

LinkedIn Traffic Mastery - $99 INCLUDED

How to Get Free, Targeted Traffic From LinkedIn

Twitter Traffic Mastery

Twitter/X Traffic Mastery - $99 INCLUDED

Use X to Get More Subscribers, Sell More Products, and Get the Traffic You Need to Any Website You Want 

YouTube Ads Made Easy

YouTube Ads Made Easy - $39 INCLUDED

Maximize Your Reach and Get More Customers with YouTube Ads

Facebook Ad Secrets

Facebook Ad Secrets - $49 INCLUDED

The Step-By-Step Training Program To Jumpstart Your Facebook Advertising

47 Powerful Ways to Get Traffic to Your Business

47 Powerful Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website - $59 INCLUDED

Learn How to Get the One Thing Your Online Business Absolutely Needs

Viral Marketing Made Easy

Viral Marketing Made Easy - $39 INCLUDED

How to Tap the Power of Viral Marketing So People Will Spread Your Products and Content All Over the Internet

The 31 Day Traffic Challenge

The 31 Day Traffic Challenge - $49 INCLUDED

Join Us on a 31-Day Journey Where We Pull Back the Curtain on Traffic Mastery

Other Social Media & Traffic Courses You Get

Grow Your Business With YouTube Live

Grow Your Business With YouTube Live - $49 INCLUDED

Use the World's Top Video Sharing Site to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience

Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides - $29 INCLUDED

Create and Use Instagram Guides To Build Your Audience and Promote Your Business

Click Here to See More Social Media & Traffic Courses

Pinterest Marketing Revealed

Pinterest Marketing Revealed - $39 INCLUDED

Unlock the Power of Pinterest to Generate Free, Relevant Traffic

Facebook Live QuickStart

Facebook Live QuickStart - $39 INCLUDED

How to Use Facebook Live to Engage with Your Audience, Build Your Brand, and Sell More of Your Stuff

Email Marketing & List Building Courses You Get

Email Marketing Kickstart

Email Marketing Kickstart - $99 INCLUDED

How to Create Multiple Automated Email Series That Will Make Your Readers Open Your Emails, Click Your Links, and Buy From You

How To Build And Profit From Your Own Lists

How to Build And Profit From Your Own Listsf - $109 INCLUDED

The Complete 3-Day Workshop Recordings, Plus a Lot More

Click Here to See More Email Marketing & List Building Courses

The 31 Day Email List Building Challenge

The 31 Day Email List Building Challenge - $49 INCLUDED

Build a Bigger, More Responsive Email List in Just 31 Days

Solo Ad Traffic Jam

Solo Ad Traffic Jam - $99 INCLUDED

Get All the Traffic You Want and Build Your Email List From Easy to Find Solo Ads

Email Marketing With Aweber

Email Marketing With Aweber - $49 INCLUDED

Become an Expert With One of the Leading Email Marketing Platforms

List Building QuickStart

List Building QuickStart - $29 INCLUDED

Email List Building for Beginners

101 Email Templates

101 Email Templates - $19 INCLUDED

Your Life Is About To Get Much Easier And More Profitable By Using This One Resource

17 Ways To Build a Responsive and Profitable List
Authenticate Your Email Domain

Authenticate Your Email Domain - $29 INCLUDED

Improve Your Email Deliverability by Authenticating Your Email Domain

Blogging & Content Marketing Courses You Get

Blog Profits Workshop

Blog Profits Workshop - $49 INCLUDED

Step-By-Step Training Reveals How to Create Your Own Profitable Blog from Scratch

Content Marketing Mastery

Content Marketing Mastery - $99 INCLUDED

Attract Floods of Free Traffic By Mastering the Art of Content Marketing

Click Here to See More Blogging & Content Marketing Courses

The 31 Day Blogging Challenge

The 31 Day Blogging Challenge - $49 INCLUDED

Dramatically Improve Your Blog in Just 31 Days- Great for Any Experience Level

Blog Marketing Playbook

Blog Marketing Playbook - $39 INCLUDED

Discover How to Attract Your Ideal Readers and Customers to Your Blog

Marketing Fundamentals Courses You Get

Internet Success System Foundations

Internet Success System Foundations - $199 INCLUDED

The Flagship Program That Teaches You All About Starting and Running a Business Online

Niche Marketing Success Secrets

Niche Marketing Success Secrets - $49 INCLUDED

Generate Multiple Income Streams By Venturing Into Hot Niche Markets Using This Proven Formula

Click Here to See More Marketing Fundamentals Courses

How to Use the Power of Storytelling in Your Marketing

How to Use the Power of Storytelling in Your Marketing - $39 INCLUDED

Turbocharge Your Marketing by Tapping into the Built-In Human Need for Stories

Survey Funnel Secrets

Survey Funnel Secrets - $39 INCLUDED

Discover How to Generate Micro-Targeted Leads Who Are Ready To Buy Your Products and Services

Find Your Perfect Niche

Find Your Perfect Niche - $49 INCLUDED

How to Choose and Evaluate the Perfect Niche for Your Business

60-Minute Copy

60-Minute Copy - $39 INCLUDED

Simple, Yet Highly-Effective Copywriting Techniques That Work

100 Split Tests

100 Split Tests - $29 INCLUDED

How to Run and Interpret Split Tests to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Branding & Being an Expert Courses in the Club

Webinar Secrets

Webinar Secrets - $79 INCLUDED

Sell Your Courses and Programs Working Just a Couple of Hours a Week

The Interview Method

The Interview Method - $49 INCLUDED

How to Get Instant Credibility in Your Market- Even If You're Brand New

Click Here to See More Branding & Being an Expert Courses

How to Host Your Own Online Summits

How to Host Your Own Online Summits - $49 INCLUDED

Propel Your Business, Build Your List, and Establish Yourself as an Expert by Using Online Summits

Personal Branding Blueprint

Personal Branding Blueprint - $29 INCLUDED

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Personal Brand, Growing Your Influence, and Winning More Business

unique sales proposition

Creating Your Unique Sales Proposition - $39 INCLUDED

Learn How to Develop the Words You Need to DOMINATE Your Market

Hosting Offline Workshops

Hosting Offline Workshops - $39 INCLUDED

Grow Your Business by Hosting Your Own Offline Events

Personal Development & Self Improvement Courses You Get

The Entrepreneur's Mindset

The Entrepreneur's Mindset - $39 INCLUDED

Discover the Step-By-Step System to Program Your Mind for Success So You Can Create the Life and Business of Your Dreams

Speak With Confidence

Speak With Confidence - $29 INCLUDED

Improve Your Confidence Speaking in Front of People So You Can Captivate and Influence Them

Click Here to See More Personal Development & Self Improvement Courses

Healthy Business, Healthy Life

Healthy Business, Healthy Life - $39 INCLUDED

Discover How to Lead a Happier and Healthier Lifestyle While Becoming More Productive and Efficient

The Five Essential Secrets Of Success

The Five Essential Secrets Of Success - $19 INCLUDED

Discover the Simple Yet Powerful Keys to Life

Easy Time Management

Easy Time Management - $39 INCLUDED

Stop Wasting Time and Get More Done Faster

You 2.0

You 2.0 - $39 INCLUDED

Redesign Your Life and Become the Best Version of Yourself

Limitless Energy

Limitless Energy - $29 INCLUDED

Finally Work More Productively, Have More Energy, and Feel Refreshed

Audio & Video Courses You Get

Podcasting Masterclass

Podcasting Masterclass - $49 INCLUDED

Get Into the World of Podcasting to Spread Your Content and Grow Your Audience

Video Marketing Revealed

Video Marketing Revealed - $39 INCLUDED

Discover the Secrets of Video Marketing and Leverage Its Power to Bring Targeted, Relevant Visitors to Your Offers

Click Here to See More Audio & Video Courses

Create Audio With Audacity - $29 INCLUDED

Record and Edit Audio With Free Software for Podcasts, Interviews, Narration, Sound Effects, Audio Books, and More

Create Professional Videos With Camtasia

Create Professional Videos With Camtasia - $39 INCLUDED

How to Use The Leading Video Software to Create and Edit High-Quality Professional Videos

Stream, Record, and Broadcast Live with StreamYard

Stream, Record, and Broadcast Live With StreamYard - $39 INCLUDED

How to Effectively Use StreamYard to Educate Your Audience and Build Trust

The Zoom Playbook

The Zoom Playbook - $49 INCLUDED

How to Use Zoom to Promote Your Online Business

E-Commerce Courses You Get

Sell Your Products on Etsy

Sell Your Products on Etsy - $39 INCLUDED

Start Selling Your Products Online Using the Etsy Marketplace

Build an E-Commerce Store With Shopify

Build an E-Commerce Store With Shopify - $39 INCLUDED

Use the World's Leading E-Commerce Platform to Build Your Own Store

Click Here to See More E-Commerce Courses

Amazon Marketing Made Easy

Amazon Marketing Made Easy - $39 INCLUDED

Step-By-Step Training Takes The Mystery Out Of Doing Business On Amazon

Sell Online With Gumroad

Sell Online With Gumroad - $39 INCLUDED

Platform Lets You Sell Almost Anything Online Without Your Own Website

T-Shirt Profit System

T-Shirt Profit System - $39 INCLUDED

Finally Uncover How To Capitalize On The Hot T-Shirt Market Using These Simple Methods

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Courses You Get

ChatGPT for Your Business

ChatGPT for Your Business - $39 INCLUDED

Start Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Your Business Grow

Video Marketing With AI

Video Marketing With AI - $29 INCLUDED

Use AI to Make Powerful Marketing Videos

Click Here to See More AI Courses

Create Content With AI

Create Content With AI - $39 INCLUDED

Elevate Your Content Creation With the Magic of AI

Design Images With AI

Design Images With AI - $39 INCLUDED

Use Artificial Intelligence to Create Stunning Images for Any Purpose

Improve Your Copy With AI

Improve Your Copy With AI - $29 INCLUDED

How to Write Better Sales Copy With the Help of AI

Business Model Courses You Get

Passive Income Blueprint

Passive Income Blueprint - $99 INCLUDED

Create Your Own Machine With Multiple Streams of Passive Income

Continuity Overdrive

Continuity Overdrive - $149 INCLUDED

Internet Marketing Expert Reveals Secrets of Running a Successful Continuity Program

Click Here to See More Business Model Courses

YouTube Channel Blueprint

YouTube Channel Blueprint - $79 INCLUDED

Build Your Own Profitable YouTube Channel

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing Explained - $39 INCLUDED

Discover The Simple, Step-By-Step Method To Break Into Affiliate Marketing

Starting a Freelance Business

Srarting a Freelance Business - $29 INCLUDED

Start a Freelance Business So You Can Work Your Own Hours and Take on Projects You Love

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System - $49 INCLUDED

Build a Rock-Solid Super Affiliate Business Selling Other People’s Products

Other Courses You Get


Build Your Empire With ClickFunnels - $49 INCLUDED

Create Funnels, Courses, E-Commerce Sites, Membership Sites, and More. Updated to cover ClickFunnels 2.0 and 1.0

The Complete Internet Superstars Conferences

The Complete Internet Superstars Conferences- $199 INCLUDED

The Complete Recordings of the All-Star Internet Marketing Conferences

That's not all, folks...

Besides the vast array of training included in The IM Dojo Club. you also get several perks as a member.

For example...

Member Perk
The IM Dojo Community

Your membership in The IM Dojo Club includes access to our private community, where you can

talk business with fellow business owners
ask your most pressing questions
discuss the courses you're taking with other students
promote your products and services (at no charge)
seek joint venture partners and affiliates 
look for guests for your podcast, service providers, guest posters for your blog, and others
plus much more!

Member Perk
Your Resource Library: 87+ Bonus Tools and Resources to Supplement Your Training...

Your membership includes bonus resources and tools to help you implement the training, such as checklists, templates, worksheets, and more. For example...

Resource Library
Scientific Advertising ebook
Headline Templates
50 Things to Blog About Checklist
Product Review Template
Think & Grow Rich ebook
Optin Page Template
Pick a Niche Workbook
Weekly Blogging Planner

Click Here to See More Resources

Product Review Template
The Story of Obvious Adams ebook
Unique Sales Proposition Workbook
Resource List Template
Case Study Template
Product Comparison Template
Myth Buster Template
How-To Template
Blog Post Planning Template
Content Ideas Checklist
LinkedIn Profile Checklist
LinkedIn Daily Cheatsheet
LinkedIn Content Cheatsheet
LinkedIn Traffic Tactics Cheatsheet
YouTube Channel Creation Cheatsheet
YouTube Trailer Video Cheatsheet
YouTube Video Creation Tips
YouTube Video Ranking Cheatsheet
The Email List Building Playbook
The Website Traffic Playbook
Speak With Confidence Checklist
Podcasting Insider's Guide
Podcast Guest Checklist
Request for Interview Email Template
Follow-Up Interview Request Email Template
Pre-Interview Email Template
Broadcast To Join Live Call Email Template
Organizing an Online Summit Checklist
Marketing an Online Summit Checklist
Running a Smooth Online Summit Checklist
Online Summit Planner
Online Summit Speaker Invitation Email Template
Online Summit Speaker Followup Email Template
Online Summit Speaker Missing Data Email Template
Online Summit 24 Hour Reminder Email Template
Online Summit Speaker Thank You Email Template
Instagram Guides Cheatsheet
Instagram Guides Checklist
Annual Content Planner
Membership Site Sales Page Template
Member Retention Checklist
YouTube Video Creation Tactics
Email Whitelisting Instructions
Free Report Template
10 Niche Business Examples
Thank You Page Template
Get Instagram Followers Cheatsheet
Thank You Email Template
Recipe Template
Tips List Template
Passive Online Business Income Options Report
Content Style Checklist
Squeeze Page Template
Passive Income Machine Planner
Welcome Email Campaign Plan
Email Promo Campaign Plan
Twitter Content Types Worksheet
Twitter Engagement Tactics Checklist
Tweet Formula
Daily Twitter Action Plan
Daily Twitter Routine
Email Marketing Cheat Sheet ebook
Killer Copy Secrets ebook
60 Business Interview Questions
Interview Promo Page Template
Broadcast To Join Live Call Email Template
Podcast Recording Email Template
Podcast Interview Thank You Email Template
The Insider's Guide to Online Summits
Online Summit Sales Page Template
Online Summit Scheduling Form
Online Summit Scheduling Spreadsheet
Online Summit Speaker Application Form
Online Summit Speaker Acceptance Email Template
Online Summit Speaker Application Acceptance Email Template
Online Summit Speaker Q & A Session Acceptance Email Template
The Insider's Guide to Memberships and Continuity
Membership Site Planning Checklist
Members Area Content Planner
Membership Site Email Promo Sequence
Membership Site Ongoing Marketing Checklist
YouTube Video Creation Tips
YouTube Video Ranking Checklist

Member Perk
Your Listening Lounge: A Place to Enjoy Thought-Provoking Audios

Your membership includes bonus audios, including conference presentations, panel discussions, interviews, and more. For example...

Listening Lounge
Michael Penland on Joint Ventures
Ian Ippolito (founder of Rentacoder,com) on working with freelancers
David Perdew (founder of NAMS) on relationship marketing
Terry Dean on creating infoproducts
Panel discussion on outsourcing
How To Take Charge Of Your Life with Christopher Avery

Member Perk
Interviews With Experts

Listen in as we interview top experts in business and personal development.

Interviews With Experts

Member Perk
Discounts and Deals

Enjoy discounts and special deals on products and services to help with your business.

Discounts and Deals

You're Going to Love The IM Dojo Club...

In the off chance you don't enjoy your membership, you get our iron clad 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with The IM Dojo Club, just let us know within 30 days of signing up. We'll give you a full refund.

Save 20% when you join us during our launch special.

See you on the inside!

Chris Lockwood

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