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You - An Internet Superstar!

Yes, it's true!

Each day more and more people are having their financial and lifestyle dreams come true by creating their own Internet-based business empires.

There's nothing that feels better than earning income 24/7 from customers all over the world while you work a few hours a day from your home office, and then go do the fun things you really love doing... all while your internet business runs on auto-pilot to attract new prospects, convert them into customers, take their orders, and deliver your products and services. It's like having your own virtual robot workers doing exactly what you tell them to bring you more revenue in the door quicker and easier than any other business model. It's nothing short of fantastic!

And people are doing it in all kinds of market niches...

Just find any group of people who will spend money to solve problems, reach goals, or be entertained - and you've got a terrific chance at earning income on the internet like you're never made it before.

It is so cool.

After returning from your conference, what can I say but WOW and Thank You. I really appreciate what you did for all of us. Any questions we had we answered and answered in depth.

I have never been to an Internet Conference before but I would gladly go to any conference you hold. In the world of Internet Marketing there is so much hype and #$%^@ out there and I have always felt like who do I trust and believe.

Well, now I know, you are a real, down to earth human being willing to help guide us to where we want. I would gladly recommend you to anyone interested in the world of internet marketing.

Also, thank you for being yourself and leaving the high pressure sales and hype to the other guys. If you post this anywhere I want to say to anyone who reads this that you will not find a better mentor and teacher out there and you CAN believe what he has to say.

Thanks for all you do,

Joe Marsh

Imagine waking up in the morning and walking your daily commute (a 10 second walk down the hall to your "company headquarters" in your home office or laptop computer), checking your email, and seeing that you've had sales come in while you were sleeping - is that great, or what!

Now imagine you could do that day after day after day, what would that mean to your lifestyle?

If you're like most people, you're saying to yourself, "That would be great!"

I guess what we're really talking about here is...

FREEDOMFreedom to do what you want, when you want, where
you want, how you want, with whom you want --
all without worrying about time and money

That really kind of sums it up, doesn't it?

Now that's what I call... lifestyle.

And being able to do all that is a GREAT lifestyle, would you agree?

To be completely fair, I've got to tell you there is one little catch, and you probably know what it is... to be able to do this you're going to need some practical knowledge and experience, and of course you know--the most expensive experience is always your own.

So let me ask you a question:

If you wanted to know how to create your own Internet business that created the lifestyle you've always dreamed of in the least amount of time and for the least amount of money, who would you go to for expert advice?

Your neighbor? Your cousin? Your coworkers? Or maybe look around in some of the internet marketing forums to see what you can learn from people hanging out there who are about two days ahead of you?

The obvious answer is... none of these options

The best answer is to learn from people who've already become successful in their Internet businesses and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you.

But not just anybody.

The truth is, you should be very careful who you do business with.

There's lots of "gurus" who are willing to sell you all the hopes and dreams and promises without really telling you all the "nuts and bolts" and the "upsides and downsides" to all the Internet business strategies, techniques and tips that can save you lots of time, money, and frustration in getting your internet business going--or leveraging up your current business.

"I've got some great news for you today!"

I want to personally invite you to participate in something very special.

It's quite unique, and very unlike anything you may believe to be similar.

Here's exactly how you can learn what you need to know, in the shortest amount of time, from people who you can truly trust to tell you the real deal about building your own internet business empire.

Your conference was fantastic!

For two solid days, you truly held nothing back and answered all of the Internet marketing questions we could come up with. You answered in great detail giving us a wealth of practical information that we can put to use immediately.

I went home with a notebook crammed full of notes about list building, search engine optimization, linking strategies, how to get website traffic, sales triggers, and so much more including many new friends and future JV partners.

Thank you so much!

Marty Stride

The Complete Internet Superstars Conferences Recordings and Workbook Package

You will learn exactly what it takes to have a profitable and thriving internet business from 17 experts who've done it and know how to show others how to do it too!

The Secrets No One Else Is Telling You
The Seven Important Steps To A Profitable Internet Business- What Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Know
The 12 Strategies You Must Master To Create Your Own Internet Empire

Here's some of our Expert Speaker lineup for the conferences:

Mark Hendricks

Mark was an entrepreneur for over 30 years, and became known worldwide as a business and marketing expert; sales copywriter; joint venture specialist; software developer; an author, speaker, consultant, mentor, and success coach.

He used his proven marketing secrets in his own businesses to personally sell millions of dollars of products and services, as well as help other business owners get more predictable and profitable results in a wide variety of industries. His advice, articles, and publications have helped thousands of people world-wide to finally start making money online.

He is the founder and creator of two very popular coaching programs, the Internet Success System and the Ultimate Success Program. The ISS program includes a comprehensive home study course and recordings of 15 conferences Mark hosted. The USP program is a one-year long training program that introduces the participants to 50 of the most important success secrets Mark uncovered during his own journey to success. 

These two programs have helped thousands of people all over the world to become more successful Internet business owners, and people in all walks of life achieve levels of success that most people only dream about.

During Mark's workshop and Q&A session, he will take you through a whirlwind of an information-packed 3-part presentation of The Secrets No One Else Is Telling You and The Seven Important Steps To A Profitable Internet Business - What Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Know plus The 12 Strategies You Must Master To Create Your Own Internet Empire. Be prepared, your mind and vision are sure to be expanded from Mark's timeless wisdom!!

David Perdew - You Do Know More Than You Think...The Missing Piece That Enables Anyone To Turn Knowledge Into Cash

David Perdew

On the internet since 1987, David was digging around in old CompuServe and Prodigy forums back when computer screens were green. He was one of the first to automate his entire business back in 1990 on a brand new IBM 8088 DOS machine.

As an independent corporate consultant for many years, he's been looking for trouble--big business problems that required big business solutions. Often those solutions required million-dollar investments, but always generated more in revenue and savings.

David is now best known as the founder and host of the wildly successful NAMS conferences and line of information products.

And how's this for fun?... he took a year off and personally built a log house in the woods (on a stream with a waterfall) in North Alabama achieving one of his family's life goals (I just bet he will somehow turn that experience into cash from a membership site and book, just watch and see).

Moving his business to the web in 2005, David's now teaching people how to inventory their personal experiences, recognize them as assets and turn those experiences into cash. A recent product he released that's created a huge buzz among bloggers world-wide is the popular "Niche Widget" that capitalizes on his own years of technology and business experience.

During David's workshop and Q&A session, you'll be completely wowed by his topic Turn Your Knowledge into CASH! You Know More Than You Think! ... a Saturday morning National Public Radio called "Whad' Ya Know?" asks that very question when the show opens, and the audience responds in unison "Not Much!" The truth is that we all know a lot. In fact, "TOO MUCH!" might have been a better response to the question. The question is not "What do you know?", but "What do you know that you can turn into cash?"

By the end of his presentation, you'll see that You Do Know More Than You Think... and you'll see how to determine whether you can make cash from this knowledge! David Perdew has been turning his knowledge into cash online, and he's discovered the essential Missing Piece that enables anyone to turn knowledge into cash--and he will share the entire process with you.

Lori Steffen and Jeff Wark - Discovering The Power and Profits of Information Products

Lori and Jeff are recognized as the experts on the subject of repurposing content. They've been successfully using their simple system for years to create a profitable niche marketing business. When they first started their information publishing business, creating content was a chore and a struggle. They started their online business from scratch and were both working full time jobs.

What they really wanted was to be able to get the most use out of any information they created. When they discovered the idea of repurposing their content they were obsessed with gathering and developing as many ways to repurpose as possible. Repurposing allowed them to leverage their results so well that they both were able to quit their full time jobs within their first year to devote full time to their internet business, and they've never looked back. The result of their years of exploration is a simplified system for repurposing that they've shared with other entrepreneurs in their popular program "Repurposing Secrets".

Jeff Wark and Lori Steffen

They have had the honor and privilege to speak at events all across the country including Mark Hendricks' Internet Success System, Ken McArthur's JV Alert Live, Matt Bacak and Shawn Casey's Marketing Madness and many others. They have had the opportunity to share the stage with Joshua Shafran, John DiLemme, Willie Crawford, Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren and many other wonderful people.

They've been called on the phone, pulled aside at seminars and called upon during teleseminars as other experts look to them for advice due to their extensive and specialized knowledge on content repurposing. They received the Award of Excellence from Write4Good Communications.

During their workshop presentation and Q&A session you will discover How New and Existing Businesses Are Discovering the Power and Profits of Information Products - in this revealing session you'll learn how to get maximum upside leverage for every piece of content you create for sale or for promotional purpose (be sure to be ready to take notes, the ideas they generate come at you quick).

All I can say is WOW what a weekend!

I cannot believe how much information you crammed into a 2 day seminar. I am so pumped!

I came with thought of, if I can leave with just one thing that would help my business it would be worth my weekend. What I left with was enough information to start from ground zero and build an entire business.

Thank You! You are great and presented this info in such a way that even a newbie like me would understand. I have pages and pages of notes to go through so I can get my business off the ground and running.

Good Luck and again, Thank you.

Vic Maranto

Terry Dean - 5 Keys to Creating an Internet Lifestyle Business

Terry Dean

Terry has been doing business online full-time since 1996. The last job he ever had was delivering pizzas for Little Caesar's for $8 an hour. He was over $50,000 in debt with no business experience. He jokingly says that he found everything that didn't work first before mapping out a plan that has produced full-time profits for him ever since.

In 2004 he sold his first company and retired from online work to travel, write books, and participate in ministry. In 2006 he founded MyMarketingCoach, LLC which is dedicated to helping new and experienced online entrepreneurs Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life. He does this with one-on-one coaching, group coaching programs, and step-by-step training products.

His specialty is putting together long-term strategies passive income streams. At this event he shared the 5 Keys to Creating an Internet Lifestyle Business... one which earns money whether you're currently working on it or not. Making money online isn't always easy, but it is simple. Find out the keys you need to be successful...and how to cut out all the information overload.

Wille Crawford - Rolling Out Your Own or an Affiliate Product Via Joint Ventures

Willie is one of the best known and best liked internet marketers around, and I'm delighted that Willie was with us at our Orlando Mastermind Conference.

He was raised on a tobacco farm in North Carolina, living off welfare most of his youth. His family was so poor that he once wore his grandmother's shoes to school while working to earn money to replace his only dilapidated pair. This built a burning desire in Willie to break away from poverty and build his own business.

Willie Crawford

Willie worked his way through college, then joined the Air Force where he traveled to 47 different countries while serving as a navigator on C-130 transport aircraft, while still serving in the Air Force, in Hawaii, Willie decided to start his own internet-based business. By the time he retired in 2003, Willie had built that into a 6-figure part-time income. Willie is now one of the world's leading Internet marketing joint venture experts, having spoken at dozens of seminars in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.K., and helped to orchestrate dozens of six and seven-figure product launches.

When Willie is not busy teaching e-commerce online via his membership site at The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, teaching local businesses to use the internet to drive more business through their doors, or orchestrating joint ventures, he enjoys deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico... not too far from his Florida home.

During his presentation workshop he revealed his insights on Rolling Out Your Own Or An Affiliate Product Via Joint Ventures. Willie is a master of Joint Ventures and has some great ideas on how you can become one too.

I attended an internet workshop this past weekend that was hosted by a seasoned Internet Marketer, Mark Hendricks. The information he provided was worth a fortune.

Mark did not skimp at all in sharing his own personal experience and success. He answered a ton of questions that were thrown to him and provided many of the resources that he personally uses in his own online business. And why did someone of Mark’s caliber offer to teach us in such a personal mentoring and one-on-one way?

His statement: “It’s because it’s really fun for me".

That’s IT!!

Mark really enjoys teaching others and making the maze of ‘how to get an online business started’ crystal clear - so much so that ANYONE can follow and succeed with nothing more than disciplined ACTION!!

What a guy!!

As you can see, I highly recommend him as being one of the experts who REALLY cares and who is not just in it for the money.

Thanks again for the weekend! It was awesome!!

Dana Sanders

Alan R. Bechtold - The FUNdamental You

Alan is the author of the John Wiley and Sons book, Will Work For Fun: Three Simple Steps For Turning Any Interest or Hobby Into Cash and was publishing and marketing online for more than 24 years. He was one of only two or three people on earth who could make that claim.

But -- he was a publisher much longer than that, starting when he was in the third grade. Since that time, Alan has published newsletters, newspapers, and magazines serving science fiction writers, literary fans, video gamers, and computer bulletin board operators.

When Alan discovered the dial-up computer bulletin boards (BBSes) that predated the Web by more than ten years, his publishing activity--and his profits--skyrocketed, starting with INFO-MAT, the weekly syndicated news feature he provided to BBS operators, the publication that led to his founding of BBS Press Service, Inc.

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, Alan was setting trends and tapping new technologies in publishing and marketing online at a steady pace. Alan helped thousands of clients gain maximum profits from their Internet marketing efforts through information marketing and publishing.

Alan Bechtold

During Alan's workshop and Q&A session, you'll be introduced to The FUNdamental You through some simple exercises. Alan will guide you through the process of using "The FUNdamental You" to generate a fun, memorable brand for your business that will make you stand out over any competition and build a loyal following for your business. In short, he'll lead you through the easiest way possible to attract the only thing better for a business than customers--raving fans eager to spend their money with you and tell the world how great you are.

If you are looking for a direct marketing or internet marketing coach. And if you want one who offers more substance - including depth and breadth of experience - than hype. Then give Mark a try. I've been a continuing Gold member of Mark's coaching program since 2008. That's when I decided to pursue the art and science of direct marketing. I am grateful for Mark's knowledge, products and services, support, and yes, friendship. My investment in Mark's coaching - and his investment in me - is paying fabulous dividends.

Christopher Avery
Partnerwerks Inc.

Cindi Dawson - How You, Too, Can Triple Your Income And Double Your Time Off By Incorporating Teleseminars Into Your Marketing Mix

Cindi Dawson

Cindi Dawson lives in the Shenandoah Valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a very small town. But the size of her home town doesn't matter. She works with more people in a month than most of us encounter on a yearly basis but she would probably not know them if she met them in person. Her joint ventures, strategic alliances, and partnerships are built on the phone through teleseminars...and she LOVES it.

Cindi has been conducting teleseminars for many years and makes most of her income from her online teleseminar business. When she is not teaching or training, she can be found interviewing experts in various fields ranging from eldercare to writing books to working from home to internet marketing. It's her knowledge and passion for teleseminars that drives her Teleseminar Success System program. And once again, she LOVES it

During her workshop presentation and Q&A session, Cindi will reveal How You, Too, Can Triple Your Income And Double Your Time Off By Incorporating Teleseminars Into Your Marketing Mix. You'll come away with lots of practical insights to putting teleseminars to work for you...and you will LOVE it too.

There are not many people I can honestly recommend as a business coach without hesitation in today's world of Internet fakes. Mark Hendricks is not only genuine, but he knows what he's talking about. Many so-called "Internet Gurus" don't walk the walk. Mark not only walks the walk, he will help anyone truly wanting to succeed. His seminars are all teach and no fluff. 

I would encourage anyone who has not attended one of Mark's events to do so. You'll leave knowing you've learned something, not just leave pumped up, only to let back down two weeks later. I don't endorse many people, but Mark Hendricks gets my 100% endorsement. Listen to what he says!

Ed Hudson
Hudson Enterprises

Elsom Eldridge, Jr. - BRANDING U NOW

Elsom is known far and wide as “the Consultants' Consultant”, and he's the recognized authority on the marketing and management of professional practices.

In addition to co-authoring How to Position Yourself as The Obvious Expert with his son, Mark Eldridge, he's also co-authored The Ultimate Home Study Action Course For Maximum Success in the Consulting Business with Dan Kennedy and The Encyclopedia of Consulting with Howard Shenson; as well as being the author of more than three dozen books, audio and video learning packages, research reports and booklets.

Elsom Eldridge, Jr

For the last 21 years he's been involved in producing more than 500 seminars and workshops attracting more than a million participants, and has been the marketing consultant to several of America's leading consultants, speakers, seminar providers and national associations; and holds a Master's Degree (Ed.M.) in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Elsom brings his years of wisdom and experience to the workshop, and during his presentation workshop he guides you through his 12-part marketing system that results in you being positioned as the "Obvious Expert" in your specialty with his workshop on BRANDING U NOW.

Criss Bertling - How To Become A Celebrity Through Radio Interviews

Criss is a publicity and marketing maven who loves to help people take their products, services and causes from "daydream to mainstream." Her career began in the early days of the Internet and personal computing at IBM and NCR, where she learned the corporate secrets of advertising, publicity and PR from The Big Boys.

Criss Bertling

As time marched on, the high tech world behind corporate walls lost its appeal and became too confining. So Criss ventured out to became an entrepreneur, establishing a small business and founding a technical college. While it was much better being the boss than working for one, those 80-hour-work weeks got pretty old after eight years - especially for a 'people person' who would much rather spend all day having fun on her own schedule. There was no fighting the obvious and Criss sold her businesses to return to her first love: marketing communication.

Her fascination with technology and expertise in publicity, public relations, and marketing found an ideal home on the Internet, and Broadcast Media Systems, Inc. was born. Today Criss coaches individuals and is a corporate consultant for companies who need her expert help with publicity, PR and marketing techniques and strategies.

Through her live seminars, internet teleseminars, and easy-to-understand products and services, she teaches people just like you little-known secrets of getting free and almost-free publicity. She shares simple-to-use techniques of exactly how to become THE go-to-resource for your niche, your industry, or your cause by communicating the right message, via the right medium, in the right way, at the right time--all on a tiny budget.

During her workshop presentation and Q&A session, Criss will share with you three of her most successful "Max Broadcast Secrets" for maximizing your marketing in ways you probably never even thought of. She will tell you step-by-step how to become a celebrity through radio interviews. You will learn how to get news coverage for events that will put you and your business or cause in the spotlight. And Criss will answer the question you're asking right now: Are you kidding, are you talking about me? You bet she is.

Thought I'd drop you a quick note of thanks for a truly amazing weekend. Not only did I learn A LOT, I was able to meet a number of remarkable attendees and potential business partners.

I took nearly 20 pages of notes. I've re-read them 3 times and circled 7 business ideas in yellow. Four of them have the potential to be real barn burners, too.

Thanks, too, for your "hype free zone" for the entire weekend. You promised it would not be a pitch fest and kept your word. The sessions felt like I was spending the weekend with a good friend who was willingly to share many of the trade's inner secrets of success with me on his back porch.

It was a privilege to be there.

Martin Sabel 

Joey Smith - How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Credibility, Relationships, and Profits

Joey is a two time CIO of the year finalist in Georgia and has won numerous awards in the technology field including Microsoft's Project of the Year and the Pinnacle award in internet-based technologies.

Joey Smith

In addition, Joey has consulted for Fortune 500 companies on internet technologies including Cox Communications and Coca Cola Enterprises. He has been an internet technologist and marketer since 1994 and was brought on by best-selling author John Maxwell in 2000 to ramp up his online sales in leadership training. He did just that and took the company's online sales from 250k per year in sales to over 2.5 million in sales in less than two years.

Joey embraced social media late in the game and had some catching up to do... Therefore he created a system to grow quality followers in Twitter to the tune of 20,000 in less than 30 days and put thousands of dollars in his pocket to boot with his new methods. He now teaches people and businesses how to leverage social media marketing for credibility, relationships and profits.

During his presentation workshop, he shows you everything you need to know to get started fast using social media sites, leveraging them up to your full advantage, and getting the results you've heard others promise (but not deliver!)... finally you'll understand exactly what to do, and how to do it.

Chris Lockwood - Membership Sites Revealed

Chris has been involved with building websites since 1995, and has had his own thriving internet business since 2002.

His "Membership Sites Revealed" program teaches the strategies, tactics, tips and techniques for creating profitable membership sites you won't find anywhere else.

Chris Lockwood

In his presentation workshop, Chris shows you how to go about choosing the best market niches to build your site around, how to plan your site and site concept to get the most that you can from your effort, what software to use, how to use six different types of content to populate your membership site to keep your members coming back and happy with their membership with you, and strategies on support and retaining members over the long haul.

There are so many specific things I can say to rightfully sing your praises about the conference. But I think the best compliment I can give you is: you practice what you preach.

I've got a bookcase full of internet marketing courses – and I've taken the time to learn more than half of them, and some are very good. Despite this previous training, I took 67 pages of notes at your Internet Marketing Conference.

I consider my time as precious – and this was a valuable use of it as I learned your techniques all over again at a deeper level.

Thanks again.

Bob DiMattia

Doug Champigny - How to Skip the Trial and Error Period and Startup Lag That Affects Most New Online Enterprises

Doug is a full-time Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, e-zine publisher, mentor, and speaker, is often called a super-promoter because he's an expert in creating wealth online and teaching others to do the same. A 20-year veteran of the marketing and advertising industries before coming online, Doug has worked online full-time since 1997.

Doug Champigny

By age 19 Doug was advertising manager of a weekly newspaper, went on to become Outside Sales Manager at dailies like The Toronto Sun and The Globe And Mail, then founded and built two full-service advertising agencies doing TV, radio and print campaigns for corporate and retail clients. Joined by his wife Teri in 1996, the pair added website design, SEO services and online promotional services to their company's offerings, and by 1997 had moved solely into those fields.

Their agency, The Cyber Surfer, won many design accolades along the way, including having one of their sites profiled in Entrepreneur, Inc and being sought out by Yahoo! to handle their online and offline promotion for events at their newly-acquired

Realizing the true potential of the emerging Internet Marketing industry, the Champignys fired their existing clients to focus solely on their own growing virtual real estate and Internet marketing business.

During his presentation workshop he introduces you to How to skip the trial and error period and startup lag that affects most new online enterprises, allowing you to be in a profit position MUCH sooner!

Gina Gaudio-Graves - Six Simple Steps to Getting 1,000+ Unique Visitors to Your Website Every Day (in Under 90 Days)

Gina is better known as "The JV Queen", a title she earned by organizing some of the biggest product launches on the internet. Before she became an entrepreneur, though, Gina had an extremely busy legal career as a litigator. But, in 1997, a disabling car accident left her in a hospital bed and wheelchair for nearly 10 years. She turned to the internet as a way to spend her time and afford her medical bills.

Gina's been growing her business ever since -- even after her "miraculous transformation" a few years ago allowed her to completely recover from her illness! Her close brush with death left her with renewed passion for helping entrepreneurs live the life of their dreams as she does today by managing her business from the comfort of her RV, traveling the country wherever she wants.

Gina Gaudio-Graves

As "The JV Queen", Gina perfected systems and strategies that brought her clients 6 and 7 figure paydays. Her client list reads like the "Who's Who" of the internet, including well-known experts such as Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Russell Brunson, David Garfinkel, and many more.

The system responsible for such results is what Gina calls "Relationship Marketing". It's not just about having a huge rolodex of powerful clients. Gina's success came from having a system that drives immense amounts of traffic without ever spending a dime on advertising. The system doesn't just get more people to your website, though. It also gets those visitors to subscribe more often (10% to 20% of your visitors are likely to opt in to your list) and it gets visitors to buy more often too (it's not unusual to see conversions of 6% to 8% with this system!).

Today, Gina is the Dean & Founder of Directions University, where she mentors students on her business systems and strategies.

When you study Gina's presentation workshop she'll show you the Six Simple Steps to Getting 1,000+ Unique Visitors to Your Website Every Day (in Under 90 Days) and Getting 25% or More of Those Visitors to Pages That Make You Money. Don't worry -- you don't need any special skills to make this work for you in your business! You'll even have a chance to hear the "Magic Formula" being put into action during the workshop as Gina looks over your shoulder of the workshop attendees and offers valuable advice and critiques to help get the best results quickly!

I've found my Internet coach!

I flew to attend Mark's two day intensive. I was hoping that by the end of day two it would be time and money well spent.

Boy, was I in for a surprise!

In the first hour I had more useful information than I've received from other courses in 6-8 hours! By the end of the second day, I had completely filled two yellowpads, front and back -- and had ordered the recordings. It was no re-hash. Mark gave me what I needed. I've found my coach!

Eddie Smith

Wait... There's More!

Those are just a few of the 20 full-length presentations plus two panel discussions in this package.

Before the Orlando conference, Mark did interviews with the speakers, and those are included, too.

You get

Audio recordings of all 22 sessions from both Internet Superstars Conferences
Audio recordings of all 10 Orlando pre-conference interviews
Downloadable PDF workbooks (with slides) from both conferences - the same ones the attendees received

Thank you. Thank YOU. THANK YOU!

Although I am not an Internet beginner, I learned so much! Because I didn't know you and am new to your list, I really didn't expect much. I was motivated to come to get an East Coast point of view.

You asked in your survey how much I'd be willing to pay for one of your seminars. I think I answered 50 because I didn't know better. Bump that to $5,000.

Joy to you in Florida!

Jeanette Fisher

These Are NOT the Typical Pitchfests

Just in case you're wondering, this conference was not like the "pitchfest" conferences you may have experienced in the past. The Internet Superstar Conferences are packed full of content and education through workshop presentations, Q and A sessions, and lots of networking among successful internet entrepreneurs. This conference was not designed just to sell you a bunch of other stuff. It was designed to be the most incredibly positive experience you've ever had and the best investment you've ever made in your own success.

"Okay, okay... I want it, how much is it?"

To fully appreciate the value of this training package, you must understand that people who came to the live event paid for travel, lodging, food, AND their registration fee to be there. When you add that all up it is easily over $1,000 put toward investing in their own business success.

But you won't invest the $1,000 and not nearly that much.

Not even $497 ... not $397 ... not $297 ...

We all got together and decided we wanted everyone to be able to afford this valuable information so we set your investment today at only $199.

Mark is an accomplished marketing professional and multi-talented individual. If you’re new to internet marketing and want to learn the ropes, he’s your best bet. He has a great patience and talent to explain complex concepts in simple words. 

Oleg Ilin

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Earnings Disclaimer: You are responsible for your own success. Any results mentioned here are not typical but are results other individuals have achieved. As with any business, your results may vary and will be based on your individual ability, expertise, business experience, level of desire, and other factors. No one can guarantee you will make a specific amount of income, or any income, from following this or any other training.

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